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What You Get With ScholarshipApp

We are the same team behind ScholarshipOwl, a scholarship platform serving over 6 million students with a growth rate of more than 100,000 new accounts every month. After 5 years of helping students find the scholarship of their dreams, we launched ScholarshipApp to help the other side - businesses and anyone else interested in launching a scholarship in their name.

> 6 million

active students

+ 100,000

new accounts every month

Launching scholarship is time consuming, we are making it more efficient

Sign up

Simple registration step to confirm your email.

2 min.

Provide business details

Basic information about your business will help us to prepopulate some required legal documents.

5 min.

Create your scholarship

Define deadline, award and eligibility criterias.

10-30 min.

Set and forget about the paperwork and start receiving applications

We are working with Braintree by PayPal to handle scholarship awards

We’ve set up this service so that you can set and forget about the paperwork around your scholarship, to automate the boring stuff.

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Why do we do this?
We use a third-party service to keep your money safe until it’s time for it to go to the winner. That way, you can forget about the reward until it’s time to reward the scholarship winner.
How do we guarantee your money to be safe?
An escrow service means that your money is set aside safely in an independent location, where no one can withdraw it or spend it. No one except you can access it - the funds are vested and insured.
Can I get my money back?
Absolutely - you can withdraw your money from the escrow at any time you want.
Who else is doing this?
Everyone who creates scholarships through our app, including our own monthly scholarships. We do this because we want experts to handle our money instead of worrying about it ourselves.

Use the escrow feature and we’ll handle the award paperwork for you.

2 min.

Tailored to Your Needs


ScholarshipApp supports integration through Zapier, API and embeddable forms.

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Fully automated

Receive, rank and award your scholarships from a single dashboard. Alternatively, rank and pick the winner and our team will do the rest.

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Fully automated

Easy to use

Launch your scholarship within 15 minutes - no knowledge of programming required.

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Easy to use


All scholarship data is encrypted and stored safely in the cloud.